Stolen Car Keys, Stolen Van Keys and Stolen Truck Keys

 If your car, van or truck keys have been stolen we can cut and programme new Transponder keys to your vehicle however this doesn’t remove the fact that the Replace stolen vehicle keys security of your vehicle has been compromised and the original keys are still out there with the possibility that the keys could be used to gain entry to your vehicle at a later date. Your vehicle and contents are still at risk!!! If your vehicle has transponder keys, which most vehicles do from the mid 90’s, then by re programming new keys the old keys will not be recognised if tried in the ignition system, however because the keys are still cut the same then acces to the vehicle is still possible. Your contents are still at risk!!! To overcome this problem it is possible to carry out a complete lock set change or adjust the tumblers in each lock barrel to change the keyway accordingly. Your vehicle and contents are now back to the same level of protection as they were when the car left the factory!!! .

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